Regardless of size, product or customer, every business has specific financial goals and benchmarks that bring a different set of planning and accounting needs each step of the way. GGF has expertise in a wide variety of industries and knows the unique tax laws, regulations and concerns of each, including: Entertainment, Manufacturing, Distribution, Real Estate, Professional Services, Not-for-Profit, Private Equities, and Athletes.

At GGF, we’re personally rewarded to see our clients succeed and offer a range of services to help them achieve their goals. From outsourced accounting support to pension plans, everything we do is customized and designed to ensure financial growth.

Accounting Services

Reviews & Compilations
GGF customizes its approach to your business and specialized needs providing thorough reviews and compilations. While less comprehensive than audits, Reviews and Compilations require execution by a team with a significant degree of knowledge and understanding of your business to effectively produce analytical results.

Comprised of a number of inquiries dedicated to specific areas of your business, a Review provides great insight and strong direction for future financial planning.

Sometimes a business may need to present its financial information to other professional organizations in a universally accepted format, but not provide full disclosure of all records. Compilation services involve obtaining financial information and preparing it in proper financial statement format.

Financial Statements
GGF provides period end closes and financial statements for many of its clients. Monthly or annual reports are very common, but the frequency and timing can be customized to each client’s needs.

Tax Services

Tax Services
Today’s ever-changing tax legislation requires a nimble team of professionals possessing up-to-the-minute IRS information and the experience and creativity necessary to minimize your liability. GGF applies its expertise in taxation to find solutions for each client’s business and unique needs. Our services include, but are not limited to, the preparation of Federal and state returns for individuals, partnerships, corporations and non-profits, year-end projections, Form 1099, sales tax returns (including multi-state), business licenses and property tax statements.

Other Accounting Services


Our auditing services are designed to work hand in hand with the client, tailored to their unique industry. Early planning and determining key components germane to your specific business allows for a streamlined audit process. GGF adheres to very strict guidelines for objectivity, accountability and accuracy in compliance with industry standards. Our experienced team of professionals provides consistent and timely communication, instilling confidence and making the audit experience an uncomplicated process.

Pension Plan Audits
An area of expertise within GGF is the audit of employee pension plans. Through GGF’s 15 years of expertise we have developed an extensive practice devoted to the audit of pension plans including: 401(k), defined benefit, cash balance, employee stock ownership plan, (ESOP), profit sharing, and 403(b).

GGF’s team of professionals brings extensive experience and the most current knowledge of Employee Retirement Income Security Act, (ERISA) legislation and compliance.

Outsourced Accounting and Management
Some businesses don’t have the need or budget to staff a full-time bookkeeper, yet don’t have the time or expertise to handle basic day-to-day accounting functions. GGF provides comprehensive “back office” accounting support for many of its clients, regardless of size and in a variety of industries. Services include accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, as well as general accounting. GGF does most of this work via its terminal server, which allows clients’ real time access to their financial data.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Merger and acquisition transactions require volumes of extremely detailed research and accounting-related support. GGF provides a complete suite of services and the reporting necessary to analyze the complexities and pave the way for a smooth transaction, helping companies make carefully considered decisions. Our goal is to help businesses make an easy transition during a fairly complicated process with comprehensive services, including due diligence reviews, planning for liquidity, facilitating communication between concerned parties and exit strategies.

Interim Accounting Staffing
Occasionally, a company may find itself without appropriate staff to cover their internal accounting needs. Whether an employee has taken a vacation or leave of absence or there is an open position, some companies need full time help in-house. From bookkeepers to CFOs, GGF can provide all levels of internal accounting staff for short periods of time. Our team is also available for special projects, temporary assistance with audit coordination and general monthly and annual accounting.

Audit Support and Coordination
In addition to our comprehensive auditing services, GGF can help you prepare and coordinate all the materials and information necessary to comply with outside financial statement audits. We can assist you to prepare all audit schedules and to communicate on your behalf with outside auditors in the same language they understand.